Our Mission

Our Mission

To help sequential art creators realize their ambitions and further their careers while providing a platform for fans and collectors to do the same.

Our Vision

To elevate the creator and expose the heroes behind the artwork, stories and characters.

How We Get There

We partner with artists to create collectibles, provide experiences that allow collectors to give back directly to the creator and sustain charitable organizations that support sequential artists.

Our keystone offering is the Creators Edition, a unique animation exposing the layers of pencils, inks, colors, letters and illustration. By collecting the Creators Edition, collectors own the separate facets that make up a final artwork created by the artist and collect an NFT unlike any other limited edition analog comic book print.

Who We Are

We have created a small group of advisors from within the sequential art industry to understand the needs and desires of creators and the support necessary to sustain them.  We are artists and comic book professionals, have produced and contributed to many print and digital projects and have a passion for helping our fellow creators. Of course, we also have years of experience in collecting graphic art collectibles and understand the true passion of the collector.


In partnerships with our artists, Creators Edition will contribute a portion of each NFT sale to a not-for-profit organization of the artist’s choosing.  We hope that by contributing in this way we can create even more interest in sequential and digital art and, ideally, support some of the organizations that are most important to the comic book industry. 

BE an nft hero

Do you want to be counted as an artist, collector, or publisher that supports the industry and its creators?  Let your voice be heard. Sign up for updates, purchase Creators Edition NFTs, or join our Discord to play an active role in shaping the future of sequential art.