Learn About NFTs

Non-fungible tokens

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which is an item sold and purchased using cryptocurrency on a blockchain. Wait – what is a blockchain? In simple terms, a blockchain is a system of data that allows users to see the complete history of a transaction, along with protecting the transaction from theft. Since NFTs exist on the blockchain, it is easy to prove the owner and creator of each artwork, along with the ability to promote the exclusivity of an item. No two NFTs are considered the same and they cannot be replicated or destroyed due to existing on the blockchain.

NFTs aren’t just digital art – they can be any physical item or digital asset sold on a cryptocurrency marketplace. The most common form of NFT is digital art or a virtual item such as a video, game piece or other form of content. NFTs like Creators Edition are highly collectible, and because the blockchain is not limited by borders, NFTs are extremely accessible to buy, sell, or trade worldwide.

Creators Edition

What is a Creators Edition?

Each collection of Creators Edition NFTs include a “Creators Edition,” a multimedia experience that shows the individual process steps taken to create a finished cover or panel. Collect and invest in your favorite graphic storytellers or simply be inspired. Check out our upcoming drops or review our Creators Edition collections.

Creators Edition began life as fungible artwork. The Creators Edition was created as a variant cover of the limited series Wild Blue Yonder published by IDW Publishing. The creators of this book wanted to celebrate its debut issue with a highly-limited edition cover that was printed for the artists and only available to collectors through direct interaction with the creators at a convention or comic shop signing. This artist treatment became the inspiration for our NFT offerings. Some lucky NFT collectors may even be gifted a copy of this exclusive physical book up to now only available from the creators!

How to COLLECT them


Create a Wallet

Creators Edition NFTs are primarily purchased with ether cryptocurrency (ETH). To purchase NFTs, create a wallet account. For the total novice crypto and NFT trader, Coinbase is a common option. However, there are many wallets to choose from with a wide variety of features.


Fund Your Wallet

Once you have a wallet account, you will need to buy cryptocurrency and “fund” the wallet from your bank account. Each wallet provider typically offers step-by-step instructions.


Create an OpenSea Account

After you have funded your wallet, create an OpenSea marketplace account and link your wallet to your OpenSea account. OpenSea is one of the largest NFT marketplaces and currently features the Creators Edition gallery of NFTs. (Additional marketplace options coming soon!)


Mark Your Calendar

Sign up to be notified when the next Creators Edition drops will occur. Be the first to know when the NFTs in a particular collection are available or new artists are launched.


Buy a Creators Edition NFT

Using your OpenSea account, purchase a Creators Edition NFT. Every Creators Edition NFT is minted on the blockchain and sent to a wallet account.


Creators Edition collections are limited edition NFTs crafted specifically for lovers of sequential art by legendary illustrators and graphic artists. Each Creators Edition drop includes unique “Creators Editions,” animated NFTs made specifically for the collectors who crave deeper connections to the craft of sequential art.

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